Paul Baloche’s simple, but powerful prayer to recognise the glory of a holy God!

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Audio track: Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord


This arrangement (in A) uses 2 chord sequences – 2 bars per chord in each:

1. Verse: 2x A9=>Amaj7/9=>D9/A=>A9

  • A9: x07600
  • Amaj7/9: x06600
  • D9/A: x04230

2. Bridge: 2x E=>F#m7sus4=>D9/A=>E, finishing on A 2nd time.

3. Rhythm is basic Rock – guitar follows drums closely.

4. Bass pattern is 1 1 5 3 5 and follows the chord changes.

Music Recording & Production:

  • Rythm guitar part is played on Taylor 914ce acoustic.
  • Melody and 2nd guitar parts are played on 914ce amped through Trace Elliot TA100.
  • Bass is Warwick Infinity 2000LTD played through Peavey amp.
  • All guitar parts are recorded close miked using Shure SM58, Yamaha MW10c into a Macbook Pro running Apple Logic Studio.
  • Drum part is provided by Apple Loops.


1. The muted sound in much of the melody part is produced by damping the strings at the bridge with the heel of the right hand.
2. This arrangement is played in A because of the particular chords type and sequnce I’ve used. It suits me, but most folks would probably like to sing in a key such as D or E.
3. A more ususal (but less interesting!) chord sequence would be (still in key of A):

  • Verse: 2x A=>E7=>D=>A
  • Bridge: 2x E=>F#m=>D=>E