Who am I? Where am I? …and where’s my shirt?

I find it quite hard to write about myself – do you? I’m usually the quiet, more reserved type. Happier listening and helping out, rather than holding court.

But these days you have to update your profile on your favourite social media sites. Seems almost everyone is on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. It’s replacing email for many of us.

Anyway, revisiting my profiles made me stop and think – who am I? Or at least, how do I want to present myself to the world …

If you know me at all, you’ll know I love the sun, I love my wife Isabel, and play guitar moderately well. As a Christian I play mainly worship music – you’ll see more on that here on this website.

But I’m also father of 3 grown-up kids, grandad of 4 (as of April 2014), have lived in about a dozen different places since Isabel & I were married, and currently have property in Scotland, England, and Spain. So you might think I enjoy travel – and you’d be right!

I used to have a brain – picked up an MBA from Edinburgh University, and a BSc (Hons) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Glasgow Uni. But I’ve forgotten most of it now…

Most of my time is spent either testing various online business strategies on our own projects, or helping clients find new opportunities to build on-line revenue streams for their business. Here’s where you can find out more about my Online Business activities.

Isabel & I are fans of the UK TV comedy “Only Fools & Horses”,(among others)  so I’ll sign off by saying “Rodney, this time next year, we’ll be millionaires…”