Bob says:

Here’s the second part of the pre-conference piano seminar I led at WorshipGod11, focused on playing with a band. Dave Campbell and Neil Stuckenschneider helped me out on guitar and bass. I’ve included the outlines notes after the video.

Piano in Contemporary Worship, Part 2 from Sovereign Grace Ministries on Vimeo.

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Playing with a Band

Be aware of the audio spectrum.

  • Guitars – 80-880 Hz
  • Bass – 40-260 Hz
  • Vocals – 110-660 Hz
  • Piano – 27-4200 Hz


  • Distinct and memorable
  • Don’t tread on others
  • Octaves

Use your LH wisely.

  • With the bass player
  • Around the bass player
  • More with just a guitar, acting like a kick drum
  • Not at all

Acoustic piano vs. electric keyboard

  • More overtones with acoustic
  • Play less.
  • More dynamics possible with acoustic