An arrangement of Matt Redman’s popular worship song…When the Music Fades

Audio track: When the Music Fades (Heart of Worship)

This is a slow, reflective song, and the arrangement takes account of this.

The foundation of the accompaniment is a stead 4 beat downstroke strumming pattern, with variations leading into a new section of the song.

This is underpinned by a simple bass part (in some sections) and solid but relaxed rock drum track, with fills to add movement.

Chords are standard 1st position, in key of D:

D=>A=>Em7=>A x2

Em=>D/F#=>A x2

D=>A=>Em7=>G=>A x2

Later in the arrangement, you’ll hear the chord changes linked by a series of hammer-ons. This is particularly clear in the flat-picked ending section.