This prayer is traditionally written in 3/4 time. However, here I play a 4/4 arrangement in the key of E major, with a simple rock rhythm backing.

Audio track: Be Thou My Vision

Right Hand:
Focus on getting a steady strum, with a good “bite” on the bass strings. Build energy as the song progresses.

Left Hand:

  • 1st 2 lines, use full bar chords – E, B, A
  • 3rd line use A2 (5th fret), E, C#m7 (4th fret), A –> B
  • 4th line – E, C#m7, F#m6, A/B, E


  • Guitar: Taylor 914ce is used for rhuthm & melody tracks.
  • Acoustic Amp: Trace Elliot TA100R
  • Recording: Shure SM58 close-micing from TA100R to Garageband on a MacBook Pro.

(I prefer to use Logic Studio, but don’t have enough space on my MacBook at present! Making do with GarageBand, so recording is a bit “thrown together”.)

This arrangement: Copyright 2009 Ken Johnstone

Be Thou My Vision (Panned)