Or…De-Stressing Sunday Services!


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(See below for the Aims for the Session and the next section …)
Thanks Paul…
Before getting started, let me tell you where I’m coming from and the assumptions I’m making about what we’re aiming for…

I’m assuming DBC wants…

  • a versatile contemporary style of music including old and new material
  • a clear vocal lead helping others in the congregation engage in worship songs
  • variety of instrumentalists – but its okay (or better) not to play all the time
  • Musicians, Sound and Media to be integral parts of the Worship Team
    • NB: Inter-dependence as a TEAM

…and that you also feel it would help if we were all better…

“…trained and skilled in music for the Lord (1 Chron 25:7 NIV)”

5 “P’s” of a Worship Group:

(apologies to any Marketers present!)


1. People:

  • Different backgrounds, skills, expectations, experience, preferences
  • everyone is highly valued

2. Preparation:

  • organise, schedule, COMMUNICATION

3. Procedures:

  • how we structure what we do – mainly in communication & set up

4. Performance:

  • carrying out your assigned task during the service competently, and with confidence – playing, singing, operating the Sound Desk & Media PC

5. Production:

  • Musical arrangements, combined with the live mix by the Sound Desk Team


  • Wide participation means people with very different expectations, experience, and skill levels
  • Some comments may feel as if they directed at you! They are not… please don’t take it personally!
  • I’m not presenting myself as someone who has “all the answers”. Rather as someone willing to help make something already remarkably good, even better…

 A 6th “P”


But we can do much better if we are prepared to make a few changes so we become better…

“…trained and skilled in music for the Lord (1 Chron 25:7 NIV)”


Part 1. How has worship music changed?

  • My take on significant changes in worship music

Part 2. Sound Workshop

  • Introduce some music & sound concepts to help us understand better what we hear (recap for some of you)

Part 3. So what?

  • Discuss the implications of 1 & 2

Part 4. Action plan 

  • Discuss what actions should we take?

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