Author: Ken

Be Still – DBC MPG Workshop

Here is a recap of the slides and media from the presentation “Be Still and Know that I Am God” I gave at the MPG meeting on November 13 2014. You might like to review this before the meeting on January 22… I’ve split it across 4 web pages – Click to open the page…(it’ll open in a new tab). You can follow through from each page to the next, or come back here for a short-cut. Page 1: Introduction Page 2: How has Worship Music Changed? Page 3: Sound Workshop What happens when instruments play together? Audio Basics Page 4: Sound Workshop – continued Instrument Frequency Chart Factors Affecting What We Hear Live Experiment Arrangement & Production Matters – Example Tracks Listen to track 3 or 4 for Dave & Claire Finnie’s excellent contribution!...

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